ECAL, a plural school – what a beautiful alliteration! If originality and singularity can be undeniable strengths, especially in a school of art and design, so is plurality. Being oneself, but with others! The 2021 graduation projects are a particular example of this richness, embracing a multitude of contemporary and societal themes as well as offering a wide range of techniques to illustrate each student’s point. Strength in numbers!

The variety of BA and MA courses underpins this diversity, but it also feeds on one of ECAL’s main specificities: transversality. This porosity between the different disciplines provides our students from all over the world with effective tools to support their approach and to enter the professional world from different angles. ECAL’s acronym may consist of four letters, but the field of possibilities offered includes the whole alphabet:

A: Active

B: Brilliant

C: Commitment

D: Diversity

E: Engagement

F: Future

G: Generosity

H: Humour

I:  Innovation

J: Joy

K: Knowledge

L:  Liberty

M: Motivation

N: Nurture

O: Originality

P: Passion

Q: Quality

R: Rigor

S: Skills

T: Transversality

U: Usefulness

V: Value

W: Work

X: Xenophilia

Y: Yippee

Z: Zenith

Twenty-six letters arbitrarily jazzed-up of course, but with which you will be able to write the rest of your own story post-ECAL. It will be long and full of successes, with a large plural S at the end, I hope, just like our institution, which celebrates its 200th anniversary in 2021!

G.O.O.D. L.U.C.K.!

Alexis Georgacopoulos

ECAL Director


Alexis Georgacopoulos